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Your Character, Your Legacy

"Laura would oftentimes be referred to as the girl from Chapel Hill who could be heard repeating “you know what Mama always said.” Looking back over her life, she reflects on how Mama, who had limited resources, always tried to teach her the most important traits that define a person’s character. Mama taught her that it isn’t the amount of money in one’s possession, nor is it the type of house one lives in, that defines a person. She taught her that it isn’t the style of clothing one wears, nor the type of formal education one has completed, that makes the difference. Mama would say “ask yourself this question: long after you are gone, what will people remember about your character? That’s what defines a person; that’s what makes a person unique.”

The above is an excerpt from my first novel, "The Girl From Chapel Hill: Her Journey of Faith, Forgiveness, and Freedom." As you may imagine, oftentimes, the very first question I receive is, "Is this book about your life?" I won't address that now, but I will say that I am so grateful for the many lessons I learned from Mama (my maternal grandmother). Her legacy lives on...

Parents: Don't ever underestimate the value of life lessons you impart to young children - whether yours or someone else's. Remember, they are watching us; they are listening. God has entrusted each of us with such a critical role; a role that will shape the next generation; a role that will impact generations to come.

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