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Her Journey of Faith, Forgiveness, and Freedom (2021)
Awarded the "2022 Outstanding Religious/Christian Fiction" Category Winner (IAN)

An Award-Winning Novel

Growing up, Laura never knew her father or even his last name.  Many years later, an encounter with a stranger would drastically impact her life and cause her to question her own identity. Then, through a spiraling chain of terrifying events, she learns there’s an unknown enemy who appears to stop at nothing to do her harm. Meanwhile, she carries a painful burden of a dark, haunting secret, hidden unforgiveness, and low self-esteem...

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THE GIRL FROM CHAPEL HILL (Book 2): Legacy of a Praying Mama (2022)

The Sequel...

Laura has never forgotten the faith-filled lessons learned from her maternal grandmother. With a fearless determination – anchored in prayer - she passes these lessons on to her family. Travel on an unforgettable, suspenseful, and sometimes frightening journey with her family as they endure one challenge after another. Yet, at each juncture, somebody is fervently praying.


Book Excerpt:


"She was about to ask her dad about the worsening weather conditions when the SUV began to spiral uncontrollably. Gracie immediately moved over to grab and console Kyle, who woke up when the vehicle swerved. He was fussing because his baseball had fallen to the floor. She held her breath, fear gripping her as she waited for the vehicle to stop sliding. “Kyle, hold on to me—wait, no!” Then that horrible, piercing scream! That was the last thing she remembered before everything went dark."

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