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The Simple Things In Life

It was this past Saturday morning (10/1/22) and we were experiencing some of the effects of Hurricane Ian. The weather had turned colder than usual, the winds were higher than normal - causing the trees to sway back and forth. Oh, and there was an occasional serious downpour. My husband, Rick, and I decided to venture out to grab a bite at a nearby fast food place. It was time for "what we like to call "our date-time." After ordering from the drive-thru, there we sat....sitting in the car, eating sandwiches, drinking coffee, looking at the swaying trees, and laughing about nothing in particular. Nothing extravagant; nothing unique; just the two of us. You may ask, so what was so special about that? My response: we were enjoying a romantic, no-frills moment; what we call "one of the simple things in life." You see, the day was supposed to be different. We had made all of these plans to travel to Maryland for another one of my book-signing events. We were super excited about seeing family and friends, some we hadn't seen in over five years. But circumstances beyond our control dictated a change in plans. Life happens!

Regardless of what life throws at you, always take a moment to stop, inhale, smell the coffee, and enjoy the simple things in life. Yes, the storms of life will come. But remember, for these moments are rare and a particular moment, preceded by a precise order of events, will never, ever happen again.

Remember to continually pray for those affected by Hurricane Ian.

Last, if available tonight at 7 PM (EST), call 646-478-0660 and listen to my LIVE interview. I will be talking about my two books during an interview with Apostle Shirley Jones. Here is the link:

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