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Facing Your Own Red Sea?

The following paragraph is an excerpt from my second novel, "The Girl From Chapel Hill (Book 2): Legacy of a Praying Mama." This book was published last week and is on Amazon (link below). Be encouraged; you are not defeated!

"You may be facing your own Red Sea this very moment. Perhaps there is a mountain of bills in front of you. Perhaps you are facing serious family issues; you’ve fasted and prayed. Perhaps your body is racked with pain, and you’ve gone to so many different types of doctors. Perhaps you are grieving the loss of a loved one, and it appears each day gets harder and harder. Perhaps … you may feel like all hope is gone. Even though you are tired, don’t you ever give up. Just like God instructed Moses to tell the people facing the Red Sea—to be still, He’s saying the same thing to you today."

Note: This book, as well as my first book, "The Girl From Chapel Hill: Her Journey of Faith, Forgiveness, and Freedom," may be purchased from Amazon. For your convenience, the link is below:

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