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A Reflection of Beauty

A few weeks ago, my nine-year-old granddaughter, Zoe, was visiting me while on her school Spring break. We had so much fun. I was teaching her how to plant flowers in pots and cook waffles - using a waffle iron. I was also teaching her how to crochet. The crocheting lesson was the hardest because she is right-handed and I am not. We were taking pictures along the way - to send to her parents. When I looked at one of the pictures, I shook my head and said "no, we can't send this one." Why not?" Zoe asked. Looking bewildered, I responded, "because I look fat in this picture." My precious little Zoe came over to me, put one arm around my shoulder, and affectionately said, "Mema, don't body-shame yourself." WOW! Her comment took me totally by surprise! I had never heard that term and it caused me to really reflect on things we sometimes say about ourselves! I hugged and thanked her profusely!

Always remember, it's not how others see you; it's how you see yourself. You are beautiful and loved - a wonderful creation of God!

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